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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure privacy?

If you place an order at, we assure you that you're dealing with us will be hundred percent confidential and that any information that you provide will not be shared with any other third party. Once you fill the form you are assigned a customer number and all other transactions that happen within our system, are represented by our customer number only and therefore no details shared. Our support team is always available to answer your concerns related to privacy and confidentiality.

Are there any discounts for multiple orders?

We have a lot of discount options on the basis of season and also for the customers who come back to us again we have different sets of discounts. After that and the other you will be able to avail 10% discount and after 25 orders you will be able to avail 20% discount on the total price.

How can you manage the quality at such low price?

Actually most of the good writing services charge an extremely high price however there are lot of customers who are unable to pay that much in order to get quality services. is an Academic writing company that believes in working for lot of customers rather than working for high profit margins. This organization is run by writers’ community and therefore almost the entire price paid for a paper goes to the writer due to which the quality of the content is very high and the customer satisfaction is undoubted.

We have been providing excellent papers properly formatted, well referenced and hundred percent original. We also have six Sigma experts who have ensured that our process involves minimum cost and is completely automated due to which we are able to operation costs and reduce the price of our products so that we can get as many customers as possible.

Who will be my writer and where is he from?

We are a professional custom essay writing company and we have our branches in US, UK and Australia where we have professional writers with verified Academy qualifications. We do not allow work from home for our writers and have secured systems where the writers work. We only hire writers from native English-speaking countries unlike other Academy writing companies. Once you place an order, on the basis of specialization and your subject the writers are assigned to your order and they complete the same from view for you. Most of our writers are authors and professional content writers, who are currently engaged in to complex writing assignments like journal writing, writing for periodical, research writing and much more.

How do I keep in touch with my writer?

Once you login to the “My Account” section you will be able to access the messaging system through which, messages can be sent to the writer directly and the responses to your messages will also be displayed in the same section. Along with the messages you can also upload any files which may help the writer to improve the quality of your work.

How can I ensure that there will be no plagiarism in my work? provides you with a money back guarantee on issues related to plagiarism. Once the writer delivers your paper we check it through advanced software in order to ensure that there is 0% plagiarism. Our writers are aware of the policy and there is no instance of plagiarism that has ever been discovered by any customer while dealing with us. Although, we take the guarantee of providing you plagiarism free work, in case of any orders related to editing or proofreading the work provided by you must be plagiarism free as the work done by you is your responsibility.

How can I make sure that my essay is not prewritten?

We have a very strict policy and security guidelines and the writers do not have access to the previous work that they have done. The data of computer remains retrained in the secured system itself and therefore there is no possibility of any writer accessing any prewritten essay. Hence, the work provided by us is hundred percent original and there is no possibility of getting a pre-written paper.

When will I get my order delivered?

All the customers while placing the order provide the timelines within which they would like to receive their paper, and according to this deadline the pricing of the paper is decided. Almost all the papers are delivered much before the deadline however we still recommend our customers to set a deadline which is at least two days before their final delivery to the professor so that you may check the paper thoroughly and there is enough time if any amendments to the same are required.

What if I do not receive my paper within the deadline?

Unlike other Academy writing companies we ensure that there is no single order which is ever delayed hence there is no way that we are ever late in the delivery of a given order. If we are late, we refund you the full amount and also give you hundred percent of the amount you paid as compensation.

What can I do if I'm not satisfied with my paper?

We provide the facility to all our customers to request unlimited revisions till the time they are satisfied with the quality of the paper. And, they may also choose to change the writer and request revision in case if the quality which is delivered is not satisfactory. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that, the instructions provided initially must not contradict with the revision instructions.

If I buy custom essay, will it be regarded as cheating?

We provide academic help to students in order to help them to understand the right way to complete their work. A direct submission of the work provided may be regarded as cheating and is also a violation of our policies. The work that we provide is to be used for Academy purposes and is an ideal to learn the structure of writing, formatting and selection of resources.