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If you use this website you abide by the terms and conditions as mentioned below. If you disagree please do not use this website.

You must be legally entitled to buy any of our products and services provided on this website and in case if you are not of legal age to do the above-mentioned action please do not use this website. By using this website you acknowledge that you are not under aged.

Once you fill the order form and complete the payment process you confirm that you have read and have completely understood the terms and conditions which legally bound the agreement between you and


In this document:

"Website" means

"Customer""You" or "Yours" refer to you and any other individual who has placed an order on this website.

"Company""We" or "Our" is referring to and its staff representatives.

"Product", any piece of written material or delivered material which has been requested is referred as product.

"Order" is an electronic form which are submitted by the customers in order to accept the terms and conditions and requests a product for which they pay a price on this website.


Our services are limited to providing you a completed product according to the instructions provided by you after filling the order page. Our teams of writers transfer all the rights of the product that they create to the company and we transfer the same to you.

You may be interested in finding more about this at “How it works.” Page and we would recommend you to go through all the terms and conditions before placing an order on this website.


There is a revision policy and the refund policy which is mentioned as a part of “Money back guarantee” document. Detailed information on refunds and related policies is mentioned in that document. We would like to inform you that any VAT (Value added tax) collected along with the payment that you have made for your product will not be returned or refunded.


We would like to inform you that any kind of written material provided to you is or regional and all related copyrights will be retained by the company and its partners.

All products delivered to you and similar other materials which are made available from this website are only for your personal use and commercial use of the same is prohibited. You shall not distribute, transmit, modify, publish or exploit the products and any related content of this website without taking a prior consent from the owners of this company. You are supposed to indemnify/defend and hold this company as harmless for any unauthorized use of the materials provided on this website. In case if there is any unauthorized use of products delivered from this website you will be liable for civil and criminal penalties.


You must acknowledge the fact that in case if there is any request for editing/proofreading the content which must be supplied should be free from plagiarism. In case if there is any attempt to do so the company will reserve the right to cancel the agreement and no refund will be applicable in this case. You also acknowledge that provided to you by this company must not be sold in any form against a payment to any third party without the prior consent of the company. You also must agree that in case if the company finds out that the products provided to you are being sold to a third party the company may deny to provide any further services and may challenge you under civil or criminal penalties.

We do not recommend you to name the delivered product under your name. All the research materials, the written work and other delivered products are only for your reference and may not be directly used for your own work. We are strictly against participation in any act of plagiarism, work avoidance, dishonesty and Academic frauds. We also strictly follow all copyright laws and are determined to restrict any customer from committing violation of copyright laws or plagiarism. You must agree to the fact that the product or the written work provided by this website is only for reference purposes and may be used as a model to understand the right method of doing your work. In case if any idea or text from the supplied document is copied, it must be appropriately referenced and attributed to this website.

Our company or any other affiliates and partners related to this website are not liable for any kind of illegal, unethical or inappropriate use of the products which are supplied. The written material is only provided for reference purposes and as a result of the misuse we will not be liable for the actions like plagiarism, lawsuits, failure, were grading, suspension, academic probation, loss of titles/award/positions/grants/prizes and any similar legal or disciplinary actions.

By no plagiarism we guarantee you that our products will not have more than 7% plagiarism and is higher, you have the right to request for revision or refund. For more information about this you may have a look at our Revision policy and Money back guarantee. We would like to inform you that the references and bibliographical citations (including in text citations and references at the end of the material) and tasty phrases like idioms, standard phrases and famous quotes) will not be a part of plagiarism check and the same will not be considered while calculating plagiarism.


We guarantee you that the work or any written material provided to you will be completely original and that the paper's plagiarism level is lower than 7% (excluding bibliographical references and cliched phrases); we also guarantee that all your instructions and suggested formatting will be followed.

Although we take all the measures to ensure that you get the best quality work however we do not guarantee you any great and are not responsible in case if you are poorly assessed.


If you decide to place an order on our website you are required to complete an online form where we also require you to provide your personal information which may be only used in order to complete the work. The company shall not disclose or share your personal information with any third party in any given condition. We do not have tie-ups with any third parties, colleges, educational institutions or firms and we do not provide any data to any such entities.

We will use your e-mail address in order to communicate with you only regarding your order and in case if any information is required for the same, similarly your telephone number will also be used only for communication related to urgent notifications.

Once we receive your form related to your instructions and you make a payment we will immediately publish your order for our writers and the time for order completion will start.


In case if the customers instructions and the type of order cannot be classified under the listed set of services provided by the website or if an amendment to the delivered work is requested which is out of the initial instructions than the company may set own rate to perform the work requested.

We invite our customers to place their order and make a payment in advance where we are confident that our team of writers will be able to handle the work and deliver quality output. In case if we are unable to find a suitable writer as per the customers’ expectations we will be liable to process a complete refund to the customers of the advance payment that is made. Please refer to the “Money back guarantee” document to find out other cases of eligible refunds.


Once the work is complete the same is delivered to the customer control panel which can be accessed by going to ‘my account ‘section. The customer may choose to press the approve button and download the delivered order.

Once the work is completed a non-editable format of the work is uploaded for the customer to review in case if the same seems okay, the customer may press the approve button and may download the final version.

Once the approve button is clicked, five subsequent revisions may be requested by the customer however these revisions should not contradict to the initial instructions provided by the customer.

In case if we are not able to provide the completed product within the specified deadline provided by the customer a partial refund is issued to the customer. For further information on this question, view Our "Money back guarantee" document.

We are not to be held liable for any kind of tort, loss or damage caused due to the unavailability of the site and the related material or any action that is taken in relation to the usage of the site.

We will either call you or you will receive a link with the survey to provide a feedback about the service that we have provided to you. This request will be made seven days after your work is delivered and it is recommended that you take the survey in order to help us to improve the quality and service that we provide every day.


Free revisions are provided as per the “Revision policy “please review the policy for further information about the revisions and the applicable scenarios.


In order to understand our privacy policy and the rules and regulations related to privacy of our customers and security of the information and documents provided to us. Please read the section “Privacy policy”


if you choose to order and make the payment you agree that you understand all the terms as mentioned above and that you abide by these terms and conditions. A summary of the same is given below:

  • Any text, written material or ideas taken from the product delivered must be appropriately cited
  • All the products which are delivered to the customers are solely for the purpose of providing a guideline of how to properly format and rite the paper in the citation styles like (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).
  • You are in agreement that except the payment in lieu of the services provided to you like organizing, writing, formatting, researching, guiding,, editing, proofreading and revising the work and also advertising the website for educational purposes.
  • You shall not distribute, transmit, modify, publish or exploit the products and any related content of this website without taking a prior consent from the owners of this company. You are supposed to indemnify/defend and hold this company as harmless for any unauthorized use of the materials provided on this website.
  • You must agree to destroy any copies of the product delivered to you remaining after you have completed your research work and must not use it again for any other purpose or may not distributed further.


You agree to release and not hold the company and any of its owners, workers, shareholders, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and fulfillment agencies responsible for any kind of loss, damage, right, claim and any kind of action that may be a result of products provided by this company which will not be limited to (a) hardware or software, Internet related, telephone related, computer malfunctions or e-mail related issues (b) blocked, incomplete, failed crippled computer transmissions (c) any such condition which is beyond the control of the company and has any effect on the quality of the product or the damage caused (d) any injuries that may have been caused due to a connection from the services provided by this company (e) any printing, typographical or return errors that may have been unintentionally caused in the delivered product. You are supposed to indemnify/defend and hold this company as harmless for any unauthorized use of the materials provided on this website. In case if there is any unauthorized use of products delivered from this website you will be liable for civil and criminal penalties.

In no condition shall the company be responsible in any manner for any direct, indirect, punitive, unintentional, consequential or special damages that may arise due to any kind of connection with the use of the services provided on this website or any information given on this website.

You also acknowledge that at any given point of time and without any prior information we may change our terms and conditions and therefore we request and recommend you to go through our terms and conditions for any change that may have taken place within a certain course of time.