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How It Works

It is important to know the process of ordering in order to get the best quality paper written exactly per your instructions. If you have any kind of hesitation related to the quality of the paper, please feel free to contact our customer services manager, they will help you to find the best writer and to get a free outline on the basis of the details provided by you.

To get the best quality paper it is important for you to understand that you can ask for a quotation by filling the form ‘Free Quote’.

If you have any kind of hesitation in placing an order you may choose the option of free quote, where you need to fill up a form similar to the one you fill up in order to place your order. We will provide you with a detailed instruction and a reference of the writer who will be working on your order.

To place an order you just need to fill up the form by clicking order now and simply provide the details as required in the form. The form is simple and covers almost all the areas which would be required by the writer in order to provide you with quality work. It is recommended that you provide as much information as possible in that form so that all your instructions and expectations can be fulfilled.

Before using the order form you can go to the homepage and calculate the price of your order using the calculator and once you have found the price, you can simply click on order now and fill the form with as many details as possible (recommended) so that the writer understands your expectations well and delivers your paper accordingly.

Once you have filled the form the checkout section will take you to the payment gateway and once you have made the payment you will be asked to login with your ID and password. On the homepage you can go to the “My account” section and access your control panel with the username and password that you had chosen while filling up the form.

As soon as you have filled the order form you will be routed to a page where you will be required to make a payment. We use PayPal as a payment gateway which is the most secured and safe option to make payment online.

Once you complete the payment process, your account is created and your order is assigned to the most appropriate writer. The writer will complete your work and the same will be uploaded to you as a preview in your control panel within the deadline specified by you. If you are satisfied with the preview please click on the approve button and download the final version. If you want any amendments, you may choose the revision option and may send your order for revision. Please see our revision policy for further information about applicable revision scenarios.

If you log into your control panel you will have an access to do several activities as mentioned below:

  • Order a new paper
  • Find out the status of an order which is in progress
  • Examine the history of your cases
  • Communicate with the writer and send him messages or files
  • Send messages to the support team
  • Download your final work once it is uploaded

If the writer will have any questions for you we will be sending a message along with the details of the questions and you will also be notified about the same on your e-mail. Once the paper is completed, the paper is sent to you in the download section and you may download the file and may go through it.

In case if you find that you would like to have a revision you can send a message to the support team and provide that time within which you would like the revision to be completed. Please make a note that, you may request multiple revisions without any extra cost till the time you are satisfied with the delivery.

If you have any ideas or suggestions which may help us to improve our services please feel free to contact our customer support team or write to us at we are always keen to improve the quality of services for our customers and make their life easier.